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    2011 - 07.04

    I was lucky to have had the opportunity to speak at 360|Flex back in April. Since that time, Zaa.tv has regularly been releasing great recordings of each presentation.

    Today my video has been posted. So take the hop, skip and a jump over to their site to check it out:
    Multitouch – Small, Medium and Large on Zaa.tv

    Personally I love to learn via video tutorials. And there’s tons of great presentations on this site. So grab some popcorn and be sure to explore all of the great content on Zaa.tv. You will not be disappointed.

    Here’s a link to my slides from the presentation:
    HTML slides
    PDF slides

    All of the code and more demonstration code can be found at GitHub:
    Demo Code on GitHub

    And a link to the wallpaper of presentation title image:
    Multitouch. Small, Medium and Large (1080p or 1024×768)

    If you have constructive feedback on the presentation feel free to drop me a comment below.


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