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    2010 - 03.11

    smtI’m speaking at the SeaFlex user group in Seattle tonight. If you are interested in the new the multitouch capabilities that are coming to the flash platform please swing by.

    It’s a free meeting and it starts at 6:30 PM. It’s in the Seattle Adobe Conference Center meeting room at 701 N 34th St, Seattle WA 98103.

    You can hoot, holler and heckle me; all while learning about some fun new ways to build more natural user interfaces with multitouch.  Here are some additional details:

    Meeting starts at 6:30 pm with the Intro to Flex portion, followed by introductions and the main presentation. If you’d like to network or just chit chat, show up a little early ~6:00.
    Learn and share new ways of interacting with software and computer hardware by looking at the forthcoming multitouch capabilities of the Adobe Flash Platform. Multitouch and natural user interfaces are growing in popularity. We’ll be building software that responds to multiple touch inputs and we’ll be discussing best practices for developing your own rich engaging natural user interfaces for your own applications.

    Matt LeGrand is an accomplished user experience specialist with a primary focus on Adobe Flex and Air application development. Matt has been working with Flex since 2005 and Adobe Flash since 1999. His interest are in human computer interaction and interactive media research.

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