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  • SimTouch – Multitouch Simulator (Screencast)

    2010 - 02.20

    sim_touch_logo_128I’m currently working on a second version of SimTouch. SimTouch is a multitouch simulator that sits on top of the application that your working on to simulate multiple touch events. If you don’t have multitouch capable hardware, SimTouch is a great tool to allow you to develop multitouch software. However, more commonly, developers with capable hardware prefer to use a simulator for quick and dirty testing while they progressively develop their applications.

    The current version of SimTouch requires an additional socket server and communicates via the TUIO protocol. The newest version will contain it’s own socket server (thank you Air 2) and be able to dispatch native Flash touch events. I’m expecting to wrap up some sort of working version by March 1st.

    Here is a quick screencast of some of the features:


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