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    2010 - 02.17

    portland_multitouchI’m speaking at the PDX RIA meeting on Thursday evening (Feb. 18th) at 5:30 pm.  We’ll be talking about multitouch on the Adobe Flash platform. If you are in the greater Portland area please consider swinging by and checking it out.

    Hmm,  how would one attract nerds to such a venue?   Ahh,   there is going to be free pizza and we will most likely go out for beers afterward.

    Here’s the brief:
    Learn and share new ways of interacting with software and computer hardware by looking at the forthcoming multitouch capabilities of the Adobe Flash Platform. We’ll be building software that respond multiple touch inputs and discussing best practices for developing your own rich engaging natural user interfaces for your own applications.

    Networking starts at 5:30 PM with Pizza.

    Meeting at PCC Sylvania Campus – TCB (Technology Classroom Building) Room 209

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