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  • Oh Yeah, Thank You Flex Team

    2011 - 09.09

    I’m a Flex developer. I get paid to use the Flex SDK to build rich internet applications. I woke up feeling guilty about how much our community complains about the Flex framework.

    Yes there are issues with Flex and we complain because we love it and want it to be perfect. And I don’t think we focus on that last part nearly as much as we should. Many of us love the Flex framework.

    I’m posting a picture of my family below because the Flex team should know that their work has directly affected my ability to provide for them.

    Flex work has paid for a lot of trips to the grocery store. Flex has paid for a lot of diapers. Adobe Flex has paid for a number of amazing vacations. Flex has enabled me to meet some of the most amazing developers and friends that I have in my life.

    We’re finally looking for a home and we’ve been able to save up a sizable down payment, mostly, from working on Adobe Flex projects. When I say I owe the Adobe Flex team a big thanks you, I’m not being sarcastic or exaggerating.

    My little family on our summer vacation:

    Now I know that the Flex team gets paid, but I’ve noticed many of them going above and beyond their 9-5. I’ve seen team members hanging out online responding to FlexCoder mailing list in the middle of the night. I’ve seen team members showing up at user group meetings to ‘learn’ about some Flex 101 topic. Just generally being supportive of the Flex community.

    I simply want to reminding the Flex team that their work makes a direct difference in many families like mine. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    7 Responses to “Oh Yeah, Thank You Flex Team”

    1. polyGeek says:

      Yeah, what he said! Thanks guys and gals.

    2. northwolf says:

      Yeah, the reason I dive into the Flash/Flex development is you all around the world. I enjoys every communication with you and the Adobe Max Conference.

      just follow me on twitter: northwof

    3. Well said Matt. I can’t believe how far things have come in a year. Last year building something in Flex and compiling AIR for iOS was only a dream. Keep up the great work SDK team!

    4. Andrew Shorten says:

      Hi Matt,
      On behalf of the Flex team I’d like to express our appreciation to you for posting this blog entry! We definitely want to hear about bugs/issues so that we can improve our products, but every now and then it is nice to read positive comments.
      Andrew (Group PM for Flex SDK/Flash Builder)

    5. justadude says:

      Same for me here!Thanks Flex Team!

    6. jeremy mooer says:

      WELL SAID; and seconded!! Thanks a ton, all!

      I have been on conference calls of late where a client chooses not to go with flex on a major portion of a $300K+ project solely because customers with iPads wouldn’t be able to use the app. I think, bugs and all, the biggest win for the flex sdk would be an “html5c”. Please!! For all of us who love you as much as we do!

      Flex is the closest thing to WORA available today!!

    7. James says:

      Thank you Flex and Flash team, it became my livinghood the moment you release Flex 3 in 2008.

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