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  • New Multitouchup Logo and Free Stickers

    2010 - 03.04

    I’ve created a new MultiTouchup logo for the website and ordered up a few stickers to give out. It’s a circle with an arrow pointing upwards. Doesn’t get any more simplistic than this. I really just wanted something circular so I could build out this AE intro I was dreaming about.

    Here is the jazzy, rad-a-bad, and funky new intro video as it stands. I’m planning on using it at the start of video screen-cast and tutorials. It’s also shorter than the one I was using before which I think will be better. It’s not like you guys want to sit around and watch 15-20 seconds of meaningless introduction video. Check it out bellow and let me know what you think.


    If you live in the US and want a free MultiTouchup sticker just leave a comment below. I’ll contact you, get all your details and mail you one. The sticker is also circular and is simply black on white. Check it out below.

    multitouchupStickerLogo_350Thanks for any suggestions or feedback!

    5 Responses to “New Multitouchup Logo and Free Stickers”

    1. seand says:

      You logo looks very similar to this companies http://levitationdesign.com/

    2. Antonio says:

      Dig the new logo. Hook it up.

    3. vidaelevada says:

      Sweet !!!!!!!!!!! Can I get one?

    4. nathan fritz says:

      i think it looks good i like them i was wandering if you could hook me and my brother up with one? thank you

    5. Jenna Tarallo says:

      The logo is great! I like it a lot! and would love to have one! Good Job!

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