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  • How to remove the welcome screen on Flash Builder

    2011 - 12.07

    I just installed Flash Builder 4.6. You can get it here You’ll need to uninstall you’re current version of Flash Builder and then install this one. If you have this app as part of a bundle like Adobe Web Premium, you can click the ‘Trial’ mode and the app will auto-detect the serial number from the other products and plug it in.

    It took me a second to find out how to get rid of this Adobe Welcome screen popup up each time I started Flash Builder. Just so you know it’s under Preference -> Flash Builder -> ‘Show welcome screen on launch’

    Here’s a screenshot:

    Yeah, I’m mostly posting this so that I can personally find it the next time I forget.

    3 Responses to “How to remove the welcome screen on Flash Builder”

    1. polyGeek says:

      Very insightful. You’re best post yet. :-)

      Oh, and GoBama!

    2. peewee_RotA says:

      Thanks. I was too lazy to find this myself. Really appreciate the effort ;)

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