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  • CS5′s Device Central has a New Multitouch Simulator

    2010 - 04.15

    Device Central CS5One thing that is a pain in the butt when developing multitouch applications is testing on appropriate hardware.  I created SimTouch so that developers wouldn’t have to switch devices every time they wanted to do a quick test of some multitouch software they were working on.

    Yesterday, I noticed that CS5′s Device Central has a multitouch simulator that is pretty robust.  While this simulator is focused on mobil devices it may still be very useful for developers who don’t have access to a multitouch device or in my case are too lazy to switch to Windows 7.

    Device Central also works great while debugging.

    Check out the video:

    Device Central CS5 – Flash Professional Integration from Mark Doherty on Vimeo.

    And read more here.  Thanks for posting this Mark Doherty!

    One Response to “CS5′s Device Central has a New Multitouch Simulator”

    1. You said you are too lazy to switch to Windows7.
      Which operating system you are using?

      You should try TABULA TouchTop software, it is a full zooming interface implementation for multitouch document management.

      Just let me know i am very interested in your opinion.


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