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    2010 - 01.02

    Here’s an interesting video of a working multi-touch collaborative meeting room:

    The room consists of four 42″ HD dual touch screens, one 46″ HD multi-touch screen and a 108″ multi-touch table.  The 108″ multi-touch table looks like two projectors and is using the PyMT (Python Multitouch project) which can be found over at the Natural User Interface group site.

    The conference room is in Edinburgh Napier University and it opens in January.  So what missing here?

    While this is no doubt an amazing conference room, the applications need to be specific to what this company does (in this case education).  The classic photo manipulation application is a cool demo but it doesn’t seem very applicable to assisting in a meeting environment on education.   The one application that i saw that might have been helpful was the python 3D manipulation application.

    Here’s where I feel an emerging market might pop-up.  If medium size companies are spending 4-10k on interactive hardware then you might expect them to invest a similar amount of money on various software applications that accomplish very specific tasks.

    So my question for you guys is what software would be fitting for the ultimate conference room?    Something to do with virtually conferencing additional people in?  A multi-touch calendaring / schedule application?

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