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    2012 - 06.25

    Adobe has just released a really cool new tool named Brackets. Brackets is an open source code editor for the Web. The primary focus for Brackets is to target HTML, CSS and JavaScript development.

    Brackets has been in development for a few months now (early May-ish). It’s up on GitHub @ https://github.com/adobe/brackets

    What’s cool about Brackets? Well, I’m glad you asked.

    In my humble opinion, the coolest feature within Brackets is the fact that the editor it’s self is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now it gets weird. It’s actually possible to edit the Brackets editor with Brackets.

    Does this cause a rip in the space-time continuum? A wormhole perhaps?

    I can’t actually say for sure. I was able to accomplish this successfully and I believe that I’m still operating within the same plane of existence but I’m not entirely sure how to confirm this assertion.

    When you first download and fire up Brackets you might get a kick out of playing with the Bracket’s source with Brackets. There it is. All of the editor’s source code, there for the playing with.

    Brackets really lifts up it’s skirt and shows the developer the “full monty”. At first I thought this was a complete gimmick but I’ve come to really appreciate the fact that I can dig in and make changes to my editor with relative ease.

    It’s MIT licensed. It’s on GitHub. It’s ready to be forked.

    Ok, now for a little more details on the application’s actual feature list:

    1. It’s small and it loads fast. (under 40mb)
    2. Minimal UI. It’s not your typical Adobe floating panel application.
    3. Everything is keyboard enabled.
    4. There’s a cool ‘live reload’ type of feature.
    5. Built in break points in the editor.
    6. It’s got some interesting introspection. So it can do things like find styles that apply to tags and display them inline. (hit control e to check it out for yourself because I’m not describing it well)
    7. The editor is modular and extensible. You could make snippets, panels or who-knows what.
    8. Did I mention it’s liberal open source licence?

    Ok, you get the idea. Here’s Bracket’s home on the web:


    Go check it out but be sure to stop back by and post some of your favorite feature in the comments.

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