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  • Oh Yeah, Thank You Flex Team

    2011 - 09.09

    I’m a Flex developer. I get paid to use the Flex SDK to build rich internet applications. I woke up feeling guilty about how much our community complains about the Flex framework.

    Yes there are issues with Flex and we complain because we love it and want it to be perfect. And I don’t think we focus on that last part nearly as much as we should. Many of us love the Flex framework.

    I’m posting a picture of my family below because the Flex team should know that their work has directly affected my ability to provide for them.

    Flex work has paid for a lot of trips to the grocery store. Flex has paid for a lot of diapers. Adobe Flex has paid for a number of amazing vacations. Flex has enabled me to meet some of the most amazing developers and friends that I have in my life.

    We’re finally looking for a home and we’ve been able to save up a sizable down payment, mostly, from working on Adobe Flex projects. When I say I owe the Adobe Flex team a big thanks you, I’m not being sarcastic or exaggerating.

    My little family on our summer vacation:

    Now I know that the Flex team gets paid, but I’ve noticed many of them going above and beyond their 9-5. I’ve seen team members hanging out online responding to FlexCoder mailing list in the middle of the night. I’ve seen team members showing up at user group meetings to ‘learn’ about some Flex 101 topic. Just generally being supportive of the Flex community.

    I simply want to reminding the Flex team that their work makes a direct difference in many families like mine. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Speaking in Seattle about Multitouch

    2011 - 09.06

    I’m really excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Seattle Flex Users Group on Thursday, September 8th.

    The title of my talk is named “Multitouch. Small, Medium and Large”.

    In Seattle, I will be going over the basics of developing multitouch applications and as the title suggests, we are going to look at using that multitouch development skill set across a large variety of screen sizes. I plan to have multiple examples running on a variety of devices.

    Lastly, we are going to look at a few valuable tools, frameworks and components that will speed up your multitouch application development.

    The Seattle Flex user group is fantastic. I’ve spoken in Seattle before and this is a really fun group to hang out with. If you are in the area I highly recommend you become a regular SeaFlex user group attendee. Here is a link to their website: http://seaflex.groups.adobe.com/

    If you are interested in multitouch development (from mobile to kiosk), please make sure to earmark some time to join us.


    (wallpaper of presentation title image)
    Multitouch. Small, Medium and Large (1080p or 1024×768)

    Video up on Zaa.tv

    2011 - 07.04

    I was lucky to have had the opportunity to speak at 360|Flex back in April. Since that time, Zaa.tv has regularly been releasing great recordings of each presentation.

    Today my video has been posted. So take the hop, skip and a jump over to their site to check it out:
    Multitouch – Small, Medium and Large on Zaa.tv

    Personally I love to learn via video tutorials. And there’s tons of great presentations on this site. So grab some popcorn and be sure to explore all of the great content on Zaa.tv. You will not be disappointed.

    Here’s a link to my slides from the presentation:
    HTML slides
    PDF slides

    All of the code and more demonstration code can be found at GitHub:
    Demo Code on GitHub

    And a link to the wallpaper of presentation title image:
    Multitouch. Small, Medium and Large (1080p or 1024×768)

    If you have constructive feedback on the presentation feel free to drop me a comment below.


    Flex 4.5.1 SDK Now Available and a Few Oddities

    2011 - 06.20

    The new Flash Builder 4.5.1 is available as of today. Go grab it and update your Flash Builder here:

    Adobe Flash Builder Update

    We’ve been able to make pure actionscript project into iOS apps for quite sometime. We were able to do this in the CS5 Flash Professional application back in April of 2010. Recently, with the release of Flash Builder 4.5, Adobe has made it easy to do a pure ActionScript projects for iOS.

    This update is a bit different. This update makes it easier for developers to create ‘Mobile Flex’ applications that target the iOS platform. You can lean on your Flex know-how and use new components and tool in the mobile Flex framework to build applications using tags like the ‘ViewNavigatorApplication’ or the ‘TabbedViewNavigatorApplication’.

    One major oddity is that all of this targets AIR 2.6. But didn’t Adobe just release AIR 2.7 a few days ago?

    The answer is, well yes, but I’m guessing that there is a fair amount of testing, QA, and review that requires the code to be locked down for weeks. That might be the reason that this release targets AIR 2.6. But that’s just a guess, I’d love to hear more details from someone who knows.

    But the Adobe marketing department is making a big deal about AIR 2.7 being 4x faster, and I think I want that.

    OK, that’s a fair request. here’s the link to the AIR 2.7 sdk

    My suggestion is that you taget that sdk if you are going to be building Flex application for the iOS platform. Seems like people have been very pleased with the increased performance on iOS with this update.

    The next major oddity is that Blackberry Playbook still requires AIR 2.5. And while I know Adobe doesn’t have access to what software Blackberry chooses for it’s devices, it still feels odd that the Adobe Flash Builder has them listed as one of the three major devices to target and yet requires a developer to target an older SDK. And the process isn’t dead simple.

    In order to get your application deployed to the Playbook you need to do a bit of monkey patching. Here’s a quick link to an ‘unsupported’ work around:

    Something doesn’t feel all that smooth here. Am I the only one that feels like Adobe is having difficulties getting the timing of all of their pieces together?

    Just to review: the AIR 2.7 sdk comes out then Flash Builder gets an update that targets AIR 2.6 and you still have to monkey patch your project if you want to target the Blackberry Playbook because it targets AIR 2.5.

    Does this feel a bit out of whack to anyone else?