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  • Blinking Text in Flex 4.6 – Stage Text

    2011 - 12.15

    I’m in the middle of a mobile project and just switched from Flex 4.5 to Flex 4.6. No big deal right? Night before a small deadline and I figure I better put it on an Android device and make sure everything is still looking good.

    Whoops, for some reason the TextArea that I was using had text that was disappearing. It was really odd. I’d push a view and the textarea text would show for a second and then disappear.

    Then oddly come back when clicking on stuff. What is this? Black magic? Is this the work of the devil?

    Nope, this is the work of new Stage Text feature in Flex 4.6.

    Stage Text is super helpful because it allows for the native application to display the text and do cool things like use the native OSs text auto-complete but it’s tricky.

    Stage Text has many limitations. For example, It’s not going to work well in items that scroll.


    If you don’t want to play around with Stage Text or you’re experiencing blinking / disappearing oddness don’t stress. You can just change the skinClass:


    Best of luck and hope this helps!

    How to remove the welcome screen on Flash Builder

    2011 - 12.07

    I just installed Flash Builder 4.6. You can get it here You’ll need to uninstall you’re current version of Flash Builder and then install this one. If you have this app as part of a bundle like Adobe Web Premium, you can click the ‘Trial’ mode and the app will auto-detect the serial number from the other products and plug it in.

    It took me a second to find out how to get rid of this Adobe Welcome screen popup up each time I started Flash Builder. Just so you know it’s under Preference -> Flash Builder -> ‘Show welcome screen on launch’

    Here’s a screenshot:

    Yeah, I’m mostly posting this so that I can personally find it the next time I forget.

    Adobe’s PR Ninjas

    2011 - 11.09

    Yesterday, Adobe issued layoffs. Today, Adobe made a stunning announcement, their new mobile strategy will no longer include flash for the mobile browser.

    Here is their wording:

    We will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations (chipset, browser, OS version, etc.) following the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook


    This follows, what I would describe as, 2 years of the worst PR given to any software or platform that I can remember.

    My question to Adobe is:
    How would you think this little announcement would be received by the already bitter tech community?

    Here’s a few headlines:
    Apple’s Steve Jobs vindicated as Adobe kills mobile Flash‎
    Adobe kills Flash on mobile devices
    Adobe kills Flash Player for mobile browsers
    Why Adobe Failed and Where Startups Can Swoop In

    When Adobe makes strategic decisions like this, I’m guessing they do it for the following reasons:
    1. Reassure their investors and
    2. Increase share prices

    It is my opinion that Adobe’s PR ninjas failed at both of these tasks today.

    Adobe Updates to Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

    2011 - 10.07

    Adobe is now shipping Flash Player 11 and the AIR 3 runtimes. Hop on over to check them out:

    Flash Player 11

    AIR 3

    There are tons of new feature in each but I’d like to highlight one on each runtime.

    Adobe Flash Player 11 has a new API called Stage 3D. Now Flash has had 3D for a while. Projects like Away 3D and Papervision 3D having been doing 3D within the Flash player for years. However these projects relied on computer’s CPU to do the 100% of the 3D rendering.

    With Flash Player 11 projects like these can now take advantage the GPU’s 3D rendering capabilities. This allows for 3D performance on the flash platform with an order of magnitude greater performance and complexity.

    OK, here’s a fun multitouch demo:

    Adobe AIR 3 has added a fun new feature called ANE. ANE stands for Adobe Native Extensions and allows users to used the Adobe Air runtime in conjunction with natively executing code. This allows Adobe AIR to do fun things like integrate with phones that have NFC capabilities or view compass data (these aren’t available by default to Adobe AIR)

    Here’s a round up of helpful links to follow up with up with:

    List of features
    Stage 3D devnet article
    Developing native extensions for Adobe AIR
    Extensions for AIR
    Press Release About Flash 11 and AIR 3
    You’ll also need the new AIR 3 SDK