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  • Blinking Text in Flex 4.6 – Stage Text

    2011 - 12.15

    I’m in the middle of a mobile project and just switched from Flex 4.5 to Flex 4.6. No big deal right? Night before a small deadline and I figure I better put it on an Android device and make sure everything is still looking good.

    Whoops, for some reason the TextArea that I was using had text that was disappearing. It was really odd. I’d push a view and the textarea text would show for a second and then disappear.

    Then oddly come back when clicking on stuff. What is this? Black magic? Is this the work of the devil?

    Nope, this is the work of new Stage Text feature in Flex 4.6.

    Stage Text is super helpful because it allows for the native application to display the text and do cool things like use the native OSs text auto-complete but it’s tricky.

    Stage Text has many limitations. For example, It’s not going to work well in items that scroll.


    If you don’t want to play around with Stage Text or you’re experiencing blinking / disappearing oddness don’t stress. You can just change the skinClass:


    Best of luck and hope this helps!

    4 Responses to “Blinking Text in Flex 4.6 – Stage Text”

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    2. Sunil says:

      thanks matt.. :)

    3. Rutger says:

      Thanks for this, solved my problem. Is this a bug or something?

    4. Marc Abbink says:

      Thanks! But any thoughts about this using pure AS3?..

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