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  • Bill Buxton on Natural User Interfaces

    2010 - 04.19

    microResearchI’ll probably get some flack from the Microsoft bashers, but Microsoft Research is the bomb. That group is overflowing with amazing software and ideas. (Ok, maybe SongSmith is an outlier)

    I came across this fantastic video with Bill Buxton of Microsoft on Natural User Interfaces (NUI). Bill Buxton has been playing around with multitouch and alternative user interfaces since the 80s.

    What I thought was most interesting about this video was the thought process that went into it. It’s clear that Bill is really trying to understand what will be the most natural way to interact with these new digital devices. It’s cool to see creative thinking folks turn problems inside out in order to find a solution.

    What to see a different aspect of some digital content? Don’t move the pixels on the phone, simply move the phone.

    This group has worked on a ton of multitouch research, projection based multitouch white boards, and were instrumental in the development of Seadragon.

    Bill, you are radical. Call me and we’ll catch a drink sometime.

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