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  • Adobe Updates to Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

    2011 - 10.07

    Adobe is now shipping Flash Player 11 and the AIR 3 runtimes. Hop on over to check them out:

    Flash Player 11

    AIR 3

    There are tons of new feature in each but I’d like to highlight one on each runtime.

    Adobe Flash Player 11 has a new API called Stage 3D. Now Flash has had 3D for a while. Projects like Away 3D and Papervision 3D having been doing 3D within the Flash player for years. However these projects relied on computer’s CPU to do the 100% of the 3D rendering.

    With Flash Player 11 projects like these can now take advantage the GPU’s 3D rendering capabilities. This allows for 3D performance on the flash platform with an order of magnitude greater performance and complexity.

    OK, here’s a fun multitouch demo:

    Adobe AIR 3 has added a fun new feature called ANE. ANE stands for Adobe Native Extensions and allows users to used the Adobe Air runtime in conjunction with natively executing code. This allows Adobe AIR to do fun things like integrate with phones that have NFC capabilities or view compass data (these aren’t available by default to Adobe AIR)

    Here’s a round up of helpful links to follow up with up with:

    List of features
    Stage 3D devnet article
    Developing native extensions for Adobe AIR
    Extensions for AIR
    Press Release About Flash 11 and AIR 3
    You’ll also need the new AIR 3 SDK

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