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    matt_legrandInterested in doing multitouch development on the Flash platform? Well, so am I. Let’s figure it out.

    MultiTouchup.com is a continuum of education on multitouch technologies. In particular, we’ll focus on multitouch on the flash platform. We plan to explore new and unique natural user interfaces, gestures and development tactics for this emerging technology.

    Our goal is to provide high quality developer tools and enjoyable video tutorials to educate and inspire digital artists interested in multitouch development.

    This endeavor is relegated to nights and weekends and all content shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The site is intended to be somewhat jovial and comically distracting.

    As for me, I work for a small fun software development company named NerdWarfare.  You can learn about NerdWarfare at their website www.nerdwarfare.com. NerdWarfare specializes in building enterprise grade software for mobile, desktop and browser platforms. Contact NerdWarfare here

    Or feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

    Move along now,
    Matt LeGrand

    6 Responses to “About”

    1. Jeff says:

      Hey Matt,

      I was at the Seattle Flex meeting when you were discussing multi touch and someone mentioned the wacom pad. (Trying to get touch information from that) Would this be helpful in achieving that? http://mrdoob.com/blog/post/691

      Have a good one,


    2. Don Kerr says:

      Thanks for all your great work. I have one question: Have you tested Air 2/Flash 10.1 gestureEvent for multi-user apps? The hardware I plan to test on is the http://www.multitouch.fi cell. I need to confirm that Air 2 supports two or more users interacting with different objects/components simultaneously. Christian Cantrell’s comment here, suggest that Air does support simultaneous gestures

      All I want to test is a scatter of photos where two users are rotating/zooming/panning different photos at the same time… WITHOUT having to use 3rd party libraries like TUIO/GestureWorks, etc. In theory and in the docs, Air 2 should support simultaneous gestures just using Gesture Mode.

      I’m working on this with the multitouch.fi hardware guys with Adobe’s help… but not proof yet that it actually works.

      Do you have any videos of Air/Flash 10.1 using simultaneous gestures?

      Don Kerr
      Houston Space City Adobe User Group

    3. admin says:


      There’s currently a bug in Air 2 and Flash 10.1 preventing different gestures to be fired at the same time. For example: if you are zooming a photo you can’t at the same time be rotating a photo. I’ve been told that Adobe was working on it and may already have it fixed.

      Currently my hardware (like most on the market) is duel touch. I simply don’t have the capabilities to perform gestures on multiple objects. We should probably ask Lee Brimelow as he recently got the 3M which supports up to 60 touch events. But if I were to guess, I’d say it probably will not work in the current version.

      You may find that using the raw touch data and writing your own gestures may A) actually work and B) prove to be more fluid and natural feeling.

      Hope this is helpful.

    4. Don Kerr says:

      Thanks Matt. Access to the hardware is a challenge . :)

      I haven’t received a response from Lee to my email about this yet. I was hoping he could test it on his 3M! I have exchanged some emails with James Ward and Renaun Erickson about it. Renaun said he will test it, but no followup yet. I am working with the guys at multitouch.fi and hopefully they can test it for me. I’ll let you know what I find out.

      I like your idea of “going raw” to make it more natural. I may ping you on that later. Sorry to clutter up your About page. Couldn’t find your email, but I can now connect with you on Twitter.


    5. Don Kerr says:

      Just to close the loop…I got a response from Adobe
      ” I heard back from the multi-touch developer and found that we don’t support the scenario of multi-user multi-touch. However, it can be implemented if you synthesize your own gesture events.”

      So, looks like I’ll have to learn how to use Air to synthesize my own gesture events for multi-user interaction. The only examples I’ve seen of this folks have used third party frameworks/APIs, like Lee Brimelow did using GestureWorks and many do with using TUIO, etc. It would be best if Air supported it without depending on 3rd party code.

      I’m going to give it a shot! Thanks for your help.

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