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    Building a Multitouch Paint Canvas (Video Tutorial)

    2010 - 04.05

    drawing-1Take off the horn-rim glasses and put your hair into a ponytail because we are building a multitouch paint canvas that may turn the artistic world upside down.  Ok,  maybe it’s not that exciting, but in this tutorial we build a multitouch paintable canvas as well as a large color picker component.

    Thanks for checking it out

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    Intro to Multitouch Presentation (Video Screencast)

    2010 - 03.05

    MultiTouchPresentationHey guys, I’d like to post this presentation that I worked on recently. I think it’ll be a great jumping off point for people that aren’t familiar with the new multitouch capabilities in Flash.

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    Recent Blog Entires

    Check out Brackets.io

    2012 - 06.25

    Adobe has just released a really cool new tool named Brackets. Brackets is an open source code editor for the Web. The primary focus for Brackets is to target HTML, CSS and JavaScript development.

    In my humble opinion, the coolest feature within Brackets is the fact that the editor it’s self is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now it gets weird. It’s actually possible to edit the Brackets editor with Brackets.

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    Adding View Source to Adobe Air in Flash Builder 4.5 and 4.6

    2012 - 03.15

    Oh jeez. I remember Flex Builder 3 making it easy for people to just right click your application and view source. What’s happened here?

    Quick answer is:

    Listen for the applicationComplete event and add the menu item:

    ViewSource.addMenuItem(this, “www.LinkToYourSource”)

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